Look what I’ve got! I mean borrowed, LOL.

Anyways, I borrowed my blockmate’s book entitled “Dumot” by Alan Navarra. I’ve been trying to find this book since I saw this on one of Rhadz’ (matabangutak) post before. I got curious that’s why I tried to look for this, unfortunately until now I can’t find one. But, at least I was able to borrow this from my blockmate. I think I’m not destined to buy one, instead, borrowing would be the answer. LOL :)

Cover pa lang superb na. I’m about to start pa lang on reading this. Because I want to concentrate on this one. Like yeah, out of the blue I became such a fan of Navarra. 

So okay, Imma do my assignments first. Ciao for now~

PS: I just found myself including my face in here. So bare with me. I’m such a pig! :)

Posted on November/16/2011
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